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  1. I bought a Drone X statue at boomslang and my friend from SA,TX digs them. He’s leaving Friday AM and he wanted to try and get a couple figures and T’s from u before he heads back down. Would you be available either today or tomorrow to sell him some?

    Alex T.

  2. I NEED a Dronex sticker! I live in TN and have been following your work via a friend that lives in Lexington. A banana sticker would work! Please!

  3. I have been following you and you gallery in Lexington for quite sometime. I am a law firm runner and I takes pics of everything I see you’ve done, plus any other intersting graphitti tags. You must see my massive collection of your work. It all began in an art gallery down on Main St, did it not? Moreover, I would love to get in or your critical project. I have also written extensively on what, I believe, your work is doing, the milieus of your art, and the ur-banality of the strret culture. The girl above Rachel is legit, I know from waaaaaay back in tha’ day. Please contact me.

  4. i see your stuff all over lexington and now im following your blog! is there any way i can get my hands on some of the gaga stuff?

  5. Michael–I’m doing an inventory list for Jim Gray. Where were you born and in what year? How many Drones are in the large work he bought from you? What year was it produced? Thanks. louis.,

  6. Hello, hello. I see your stuff all over town. I work at The Botany Bay in Lexington and am interested in carrying your merchandise. We like to support our local artists. Please contact me! I would love to be an official distributor of DRONEX inc. We love your art/work and are sympathetic to your cause.

    • Hi, my name is Brennen Volk I have been a huge fan of Dronex for a long time. I always buy your products, it’s always great quality. I was wondering if I could get some stickers so I could put them on a wall in my room, helmet and laptop. If you guys have any free hats or clothing could you please hook me up with some of that.

      Thanks again keep up the amazing work and I will always be a big fan of you guys! Im going to be telling my friends about you guys!!

  7. Love your stuff, and excited to get my drone and print I ordered on June 1. It shows that my payment was accepted — any idea how long it will take to get it? Keep doing such innovative work!

  8. Hey I was talking to my friend John B and he said you left the state will this effect the time of my order getting to me?

  9. If I miss your call, please leave a message, with an easy number to reach you at between 5-6 PM,sometimes work is busy, thanks Franny

  10. Hi my name is lopica. I’ve been a big fan of your products for some time. I was wondering if it was possible to receive some company stickers so I could rep your stuff on my cars, around the house and maybe a few around the shop where i work. If so Please send them to me at Canada Ontario Toronto M9V 5E5 my address is 2901 Kipling avenue apartment number 403 THANKS

  11. Hi guys my name is Marius and I like your company so can you send me some free stuff like stickers?Thanks

    • Hey I follow/love your work and living in Atlanta I think we need some of your work here! If so you should send some stickers to make Atlanta more dronex-ified

  12. Hey I was looking for cool art on the internet and found your website. I think that your stuff is really great and was wondering if I could get some stickers so that I can rep your brand in Hawaii. Please get back to me. Thanks.

  13. hello I am fond of the brand you represent and I sincerely love wield on my moto store with some of your stickers … thank you very much for France (paris)

    first name: Yoann name: Pedron
    Address: 15 route de Marizy
    City: Troesnes
    Postal Code: 02460
    Country: France

  14. Hi i really need skate stickers for my board and i was wondering if u guys had old ones that u fo not need anymore please please reply thank you

  15. HI ,
    Im ABDERRAHIM BAIROUK , im from morocco, I NEED a Dronex sticker! I live in TN and have been following your work via a friend that lives in Lexington. A banana sticker would work . I WANT SOME A FREE STICKERS PLEASE 🙂

    my adresse : N° 238 – bloc D – al houda – agadir – morocco

  16. Hello,

    My name is Stephanie and im a HUGE fan I love your company! I was wondering if by any chance you could send me some free stickers i have some really good spots for them! Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  17. I love your work and have been following for a while! I was wanting to inquire about getting stickers so I can slap them on all my gear!

  18. Great art isn’t free, not even mediocre art is free, why so many people feel entitled to free art is beyond me. It costs money for materials as well as the opportunity cost of the time spent making shirts, figures, stickers etc.

    You want to rep a brand? Buy a shirt so you can both support the artist monetarily, while helping to proliferate the artists designs by wearing it.

    Unless you run a business in marketing, why should anybody give you free shit! Seriously people, who you trying to fool.

    End Rant.

  19. Hey Guys whats up, my name is Jack Oberg. I would love some free stickers from you. I live in littleton CO and I love your brand. Every thing that you represent is pristinely perfect and I admire that. On my free time I like to Bike, Fish, Longboard, Wakeboard, Snowboard (not very good yet), Hunt, Indoboard, and BMX. I have tons of space for stickers on my Longboard, Wakeboard, Indoboard, and Laptop. My area’s signs are fairly sticker-less and could use to be brightened up. I an very busy and have no time for those stupid SASEs but I need free stickers. Would you be the coolest person ever and send an envelop of free stickers to my adress?

    P.S., If you have any other swag (shirts, stencils, keychains, patches, bracelets, hats, gloves, pins, banners, posters, magnets, and samples) that are taking up space in your office/warehouse that I could have for free that would be spectacular. Like I said, I love your brand.

    Jack Oberg
    10426 W. Coal Mine Pl.
    Littleton, CO. 80127

    Thanks a ton, your friend, Jack

  20. Hi Dronex,
    I love your brand and was wondering if you guys
    could mail me some stickers so I can represent your stuff?
    Keep up the great work!

  21. Hello my name is Andrew and I love you company! And so I was wondering if you could kindly send me some stickers if so it would be great thanks!

    Address: 14545 Blackberry way
    Rosemount, MN 55068

  22. Hi my name is Lorenzo and I am a Huge fan of Dronex and I was wondering if there was any way you guys can send me some free sticker so I can represent you guys and put them up in my neighborhood. THANKS

    Adress: 15415 Wilton Pl.
    Gardena, CA

  23. I was wondering if you guys could send me some stickers to help me support your company. Thank u so much

    510 e 7th ave #311
    Durango co 81301

  24. Hey I love you guys I have bought one of your shirts befor and just love you guys I was wondering if you guys have any stickers that you could send me. You guys are great keep up the great work.
    Rosemount, MN

  25. “Hi! Dronex
    I love your brand and I was wondering if there was any way that I could receive free stickers? so I could Represent your brand. I enjoy using stickers(decals) from my favorite companies on my sports equipment and vehicle and I would love to add one of yours to my things! Thanks! If yes,
    Archie Konovalenko
    2951 Marysville Blvd. Apt. 5 Sacramento, CA 95815

  26. Oliver Carroll
    5 Attunga Street
    Woollahra NSW 2025

    28 November, 2013

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Oliver Carroll and I am 11 years old.

    I enjoy skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skating and motor cross. I also like to collect stickers of companies that I admire.

    Would it be possible to get some stickers with your company’s brands or any thing else from your company?
    Many thanks.

    Yours sincerely,

    Oliver Carroll

  27. Hey Dronex! I really love your company and I just got a new snowboard this year but I don’t have any stickers for it yet! If you could send some free stickers so I could represent you guys on my car and helmet and board that would be awesome!
    Thanks, Antawn Weg

  28. HI my name is Dylan Asbjornsen and I am a big fan of your company and I would love it if you would send me a HUMONGUOS package of stickers I will represent your product around the town on my limited edition 1963 Camaro Convertible low rider and on Facebook so it can stand out just like your company. PLEASE send to 22523 N DIETZ DR ,MARICOPA, AZ, USA ,NORTHAMERICA ,PLANET EARTH, MILKYWAY GALAXY, I REALY LIKE YOUR COMPANY I HOPE TO RECEVE THE BIGGEST PACKAGE OF STICKERS EVER THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY IN THE MILKYWAY GALAXY

  29. Hello,
    My name is Amber and I am a huge fan. I love your work. I have a free sticker collection from all my favorite things and was hoping you could add to that collection. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear back from you.

  30. Wow you have a lot of sticker requests! I’ll be just another person asking for stickers but it’s worth it. And well, I was hoping that you guys could send me a bunch of amazing stickers from your company. I’m a big fan of yours and if I get enough stickers then I’ll be sure to stick them all around town!
    Here’s my address if you’re able to send some.

    Amber Jones
    2410 Park St.
    Greenville, TX 75401

    Thanks for your time!

  31. myk your a hard guy to get a hold of miss you joe,juice is your friend on face book give her your number so I can call you lets catch up .

  32. Hey Dronex! You guys are sick! I was just wondering if I could get some stickers? I really want some, they look so cool aha so if you could just please send some my way! Thanks!

  33. Hey there my name is nick, I’m wondering if you guys could send me as much things as you can for free for me to advertise you guys.. Like stickers, tee shirts ect. Thank you if you can my address Is
    Nick Fellows
    1511 N 58th st
    Milwaukee WI 53208

  34. Hey im a big fan of the brand, and I was wondering if you be able to give me some free sticker. I would really appricate it.

    122 s florence
    Wichita, ks 67209

    Thank you!

  35. Hello hi excuse me I’m a big fan of your product i love the quality and i like your logo.Can you please send me some stickers i would like to customize my equipment an things with your logo if possible i would be amazingly grateful.Also It would be an enjoyment to ride around an support your logo. lastly thanks for your time.

  36. Hey I’m in need of some more stickers for my new car and whatnot. I have seen from working in the area where you have your building. Is it possible to buy them there or ought I just purchase a pack from the store?

  37. Hey Dronex! I was wondering if you could please send me some stickers? Thank you!

    Willie Storla 1431 Lone Oak Road, Eagan, Minnesota, 55121

  38. Hello, my name is Mikas. I really like you and your stickers, so I want to get some 🙂 Can I ? I will be very happy ! Thanks!

    First name: Mikas
    Last name: Bučys
    Street adress: Klevinės g. 32-1
    City: Vilnius
    Country: Lithuania
    Zip/Postal code: LT-14180

  39. hey my name is Ryan and I’m a huge fan of your company! I’m just wondering if you could send me some stickers so that I can rep your company and spread the word! thanks hope to hear back soon!

  40. Hey guys i love your company your super cool . i was wondering if maybe you could please send me some stickers to 604 Oldham RD enfield NS postal code B2T-1C2 thank you – Jonah

  41. Hey guys, I have a sticker collection and i’m another person wondering if you guys could load me up with some free stickers for my snowboard, locker, etc.

    524 2nd Street
    New Westminster, BC, Canada

    Thanks Jono 🙂

  42. HI my name is Brady King and I love your company I was wondering if i could get some free stickers and/or other merchandise to represent your product. I will put them on my instagram to kind of shout you out too. Please and Thank You my address is

    Brady King
    72 Clinton Street
    Saratoga Springs NY 12866

  43. Hello ! i’m a huge fan of dronex , and i want to show it , this is why i’m sending this email , i want if it is possible to receive a stockers pack from your companie to decorate my room or motorcycle ! if you accept , here are my coordinated :
    full name : yasser benkaddour
    adress : Av ibn badiss res al wifaq B3
    zip code : 24030
    state : doukkala
    city : el jadida
    country : morocco

  44. Dear Dronex
    my name is Simon and i really love Dronex. I was wondering if you could send me some free stickers so i can rep your company this eason. if you could that would be awesome!
    Thanks, Simon

  45. Hey love your work I’ve seen your stickers and I was just wondering how I would be able to get my hands on some?

    • Hello! My name is justin oneill, and I really like your company and think its awesome!!! I was wondering if your company could send me some stickers it would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

  46. Hey am a big fan of your sticker and I will like to know if you can send me so free sticker. My address is

    N18th st 1447 in El Centro,CA

    Keep up the great work
    From: Jesse Arce

  47. Hey I really love your product and everything can you please send me free stickers so I can put them on my stuff?
    Name: Connor Turner
    Country: Canada
    Province: Ontario
    City: Little Britain
    Postal Code: k0m2c0
    Address: 31 Gilson st
    Phone: 7053419570

  48. I am Arielle I have been a fan of your company for a long time and I was wondering if you can send me some sticker. If so, please send to 253 Branthaven St., Ottawa, ON K4A 0H6. Thank you.

  49. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to get involved in Dronex. Like volunteering, or something. I’ve been enjoying your work around Lexington for years.

  50. hey i am a big fan of your company who would like to earn some free stickers so i could advertise your company to all my friends i live at 57 jones road phillipsburg pa zipcode:16866 phone number:8145922281

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  52. We went to the Lexington Art League Currents family tour. My son has been making drones all week since. We were looking at your website to determine whether you were a super hero or a villain. We looked at your tshirts and my son thought it would be awesome to have a drone shirt he could decorate himself. So, I am passing on the idea.
    P.s. we decided you would be a superhero.

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