Keeping up with the Drones..

After several days of code wrangling we’re done with the help forums and ready to get back to the studio.. To celebrate the Dronex store’s grand opening we’re offering up a small cache of rare drone figures for sale so grab ’em up while you can.. As always, we’re keeping warm brewing the stew and bringing free swag to the streetside high and low.. Be sure to stop and take a picture, because it really will last longer..

3 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Drones..

  1. One other thing, our R44II also has the tank bladders, which reduces the tank capacity for both the main and the aux. Would it be prltbemaoic to figure that in to the calculator too?

  2. PK ; you may want to take your concerns to a knowlegable Catholic. I’d be surprised if you got past chapter three of White’s book “The Great Controversey”. If you aren’t an Adventist, you then sound a little like a JW, or a Mormon. The similarities are striking in some areas. If you are just picking and choosing some from one, then another, the harmonizing of doctrine would almost be impossible.Error begets error. Have a nice Thor”stag. (that’s tomorrow).

  3. Ta en titt på, så hittar du många legitima källor (missat det?). UI faller framför allt på deras medeltida attityd, beträffande moderering (censurering) av avvikande åsikter och deras likriktade propaganda. (Är den typen censur godtagbar i förhållande till grundlagen?)

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