Dronex Inc. is a pseudo corporate entity that assumes the position of inventor, designer, and producer, which is most often occupied by the individual artist. In contrast, here at Dronex, our products are the fruit of a collective effort aimed to connect with people and spawn dialogues that translate across many demographics. Our goods attempt to regurgitate the amazement and absurdity of our reality in a way that provides a dichotomous critique of the way we have come to live, and the things we have come to love. It is difficult for artists today to be simultaneously appreciated in the spheres of high and low culture and with Dronex Inc., we are trying to bridge the gap between the gallery and the gutter.

-Myke Dronez


4 thoughts on “Mission

  1. My web site is mickey mouse stuff right now, but will be built on to make it the real deal. I identify with your mission statement and would love to see your work. Ben gave me your contact info and I look forward to meeting you. I will call you before noon and we can talk more. -eddie cuellar

  2. Slay the myth about white picket fences and fingerprints. We are all indeed programmed while we conserve the myth of individuality. The myth speaks about the bounty of experiences and material riches that we enjoy daily; in reality we are all making garbage just to get from day to day (example: the Styrofoam plate and napkin that I chucked post lunch today). To wit, I LOVED the picture of the cornucopia filled with garbage that you have on your page!!!

  3. I was wondering if your so called ‘Dronex’ had reached wall street yet? I am interested in purchasing shares in your so called corporation of ‘absurdity’. invest early! get rich or die trying bitches!

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